I suspect being hacked after migration to Qubes OS with in a month

Sorry the problem maybe quite basic here.

I got a Qubes OS certified laptop(from Novacustom) and
have been using Qubes OS for roughly a month.

Up to now I don’t do much with Qubes OS.I use a USB to copy some data(Video files,
csv files and txt files,backups from old computer) to valt.
Most of the time I use it to surf internet and search infos.What I installed on
it are Tor browser,Brave browser,input method I use,blockchain wallet(not used).
The input method is dangerous but I need to use it.So I set up a template VM to
install it alone and then a app VM based on it.Both template and app VM are set
no Net VM(no networ connection) and use the input method in the app VM.

now what has happened to me are:

1.One day I tried to open a txt file(double click) created several days before
in the valt VM(never connect to internet) but I find I can’t.
Finally restart the valt VM I can open it.

2.I follow Qubes community user guidescreate to set up couples of standalone proxy VMs to install and use VPN clients(I add network management service to them),I find the proxy VM I use most disconnect from network very often.When I open Qubes Management the VPN proxy disconnected from network suddenly.When I started a qube using this proxy VM as it’s Net VM, it disconnected again.Then when I open a APP in that qube the VPN proxy disconnected again.Another vpn proxy VM suffers from simular situation.The
only difference is the network connection resumes itself.

3.Tor browser(not the one in Whonix based App VM) closed suddenly itself.

The system is compromised for sure.Reinstalling Qubes OS is needed at least.
Shoud I also reflash the firmware on my device??

Still try to figure out how did the hacker get in my system.Is it possible he takes
the chance when system updating(I use clear net to do all system updating) or just one compromised qube infects the whole system(dom0,Xen hypervisor)?

Will search data in the forum to harden my qubes system. Thank you.

Both are probably caused by out-of-memory issue.

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Why? I see no arguments. Seems you have something simply broken.

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Then how about the part of frequent network disconnection?
it happens with each of my movement. sometimes it only happened once whole morning. and the network connections of other qubes not using this vpn proxy VM all work well.

That I don’t know. Maybe there is a problem with VPN configuration or network issue with VPN server.