I removed the panel and now can't restore icons to default settings

Hello, I am new in QubeOS, I removed by mistake the panel with all icons and now I am not able to restore them.
I found most of them but others are not in panel configuration, for example I can’t find the wifi Icon and now my panel is a mess.
Is there a way to restore to default setting?

In the Q menu, go to system settings > panel > items and add the System Tray Plugin

That should restore the system tray that hold the wifi icons etc.

With System Tray Plugin It restored just qubes domains and USB icons but is still missing wifi and Torified Icons.

Have you tried restarting sys-net and sys-whonix to see if that makes them appear in the system tray again?

I don’t know why even if i rebooted the system it didn’t work. After restarting now i can see the wifi icon. Thank You

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Glad you got it working again. Can you change the solution of this post to @renehoj’s answer? I think it’s more in line with the question from your main post. Mine is just additional.

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