I need to connect anonymously to an external dedicated server via VNC

I’m using qubes-whonix and I need to connect anonymously on a permanent basis to an external dedicated server. I have a few questions:
1 - Is VNC more secure than RDP?
2 - How do I safely use VNC with a Remmina?
3 - Do I need to tunnel it through the TOR in some way, other than VNC running on whonix-workstation? What do I need to do besides installing the VNC client to ensure that the VNC protocol is secure?
4 - Are there any more secure VNC clients for whonix than Remmina?
Thank you for the answers

VNC is not a secure protocol. You need to secure it by yourself using VPN or SSH tunnel.
The easiest way is to run VNC server on localhost on your server and connect to it over SSH in whonix-workstation. You can find guides on internet: