I need a atep-by-step guide on how to set up a VPN on the latest version of Qubes

Hello. I need the latest guide on how to set up Qubes with the latest version…
Please help me out. Kinda in a hurry also, just because i have set it up earlier, this is getting frustrating. Thanks!

What VPN provider are you using?

This is what I used, and I found it easy: Using Mullvad VPN in Qubes

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You can use riseup vpn as your vpn provider. Link: riseup.net/en/vpn

Thank you! I will use that guide from now on… Step by step and firewall rules. perfect!
But does the disp one go through the VPN with these settings? I would want tor to go through the VPN also. Everything… I did change the net-cube to mullvad in settings… Is that enough to make all traffic go through a vpn then? Great guide thanks

You have to go in to Qubes manager to chose what networking you want. So this will create a “VPN-VM” and whatever Virtual machine you want “like a Disposable VM” you can set it to get its networking through this VPN-VM & you will get VPN on that qube.

Tor is more complicated and you shouldn’t bother tunneling tor with a VPN until you understand more.

You also shouldn’t be changing sys-net to VPN settings, just follow the guide.

It said:
“If you want all of your VMs use Mullvad by default, open Qubes Global Settings (Qubes menu, System Tools , Qubes Global Settings ) and change “Default netVM” from sys-firewall to vpn-mullvad and click ok.”

So i did find that option in global settings under net qube and it worked… Or was it the wrong option? I could not find the other one. Old guide…
But the disp machine do connect with the VPN now.
How do i get the disp to go through the VPN and then use tor… So i should get an tor ip that goes through a VPN. And not a VPN address in disp as now if i just check my ip. Thanks

Yes, the default in settings. You said change the net-qube, so of course I thought you were referring to sys-net. What you said there is fine, which is that any VM’s you create with networking will automatically be networked via VPN.

You will have to do your own research on Tor VPN tunneling.

Ok, yes i understand, but i did follow the guide. But do you know if i should change the disp to sys-firewall maybe or net? I just want that one to go through the VPN…
Do i change that in templates?

Your VPN-VM should be connected to Sys-firewall, which in turn should be connected to sys-net.

So, Sysnet → Sys-firewall → VPN-VM → AppVM

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I tried changing should sys-net to the VPN, but got loops in network error… yeah i will try another time. Thanks for your help!

No, sys-net is always the interface that interacts with the internet first, the Firewall takes internet traffic from sys-net and applies certain rules to it before forwarding it on to ApplicationVM’s.

Sys-net is the only VM that has access to your network interface (the wifi card etc.) so it is always the first one to connect to the internet.

Your VPN-VM is just an addition to that chain, so all you need to do is set the VPN-VM’s networking to “Sys-firewall”

What that means is VPN-VM gets its internet from sys-firewall, who gets its internet from sys-net.

Post back here later on if you still have issues or questions and tag me and i’ll try to help. Good luck.

No that did not work.I just got the normal ip then. So mine will stay with sys-vpn i created in the guide.

You might be confusing me when I say “VPN-VM” I mean the Mullvad VPN you created with the guide. That’s the one that gives VPN networking to other Qubes you connect to it.

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Wait… my bad. The disp feodra one did use the VPN. The whonix was the one i did want to go through a VPN and it might already do that after the guide :slight_smile:

Whonix is a whole other issue & unless you have a good reason to be tunelling tor with VPN you shouldn’t. You definitely don’t know enough to do it safely if you really have a desire for anonymity.

sys-net → sys-firewall → sys-vpn → whatever VM you want to use VPN. That’s how it works.

Catch you later.

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doh. ok thanks

Yyes the goal is totunnel tor through the vpn.Whonix in a vpn. Thats more secure i have read. Thanks for the answers. Yes catch you later

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It is much easier to make you less secure with VPN tunnels with tor than it is to make you more secure.

You are FAR more likely to make yourself less anonymous by doing anything to Tor as a beginner, just be warned. Make sure you do some reading on the benefits and minuses. It is a hotly debated topic.

Read this first = https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tunnels/Introductions

Read some of the whonix documentation on it first.

Congratulations on setting up your VPN btw!! Enjoy Qubes :smiley:

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That might mess up the mullvad setup… Might work better with the real qubes recommended VPN huide i assume.