I love these forums

I hated the Google Groups forums and never used them because, well Google.


Glad you’re happy :slight_smile:

I also did not participate much for a similar reason. Hopefully the Qubes community will now be able to extend to a wider audience of its users with this. That’s what I’m hoping at least.


It was possible to reply without a Google account - any email account worked, However sometimes replies wouldn’t be grouped with the thread, or took a while to appear. Being able to edit posts in Discourse is also nice.


Very glad to see this forum exists. I’ve been using Qubes since before v3 and while the community has always been very helpful I never got on with the Google Groups for a variety of reasons (not least because I kept top-posting by mistake). Discourse is so much more user-friendly and conducive to good conversation (although yet another time-sink!). Has anyone backed up the Google Group btw?


Yes, it’s been backed up to mail-archive for quite a long time now. More info: https://www.qubes-os.org/support/