I guess I'll do this here

It’s upsetting that every time I try and post something that I desperately need answered my post gets deleted by user “enmus” who tells me to post it as a thread on my first dead post that nobody looks at or responds to. On my last post Enmus posted something snarky about how to ask a question then deleted the post.

It’s upsetting that there’s a wealth of free information on the internet but there’s gatekeepers that are inhibiting and constraining how individuals use this resource. I could have had my question answered 10 times if they left my post up, and amazingly, we would all still be here safe and sound. Stop interfering with how people freely seek out information on the internet!

You mean this one?

To me the whole point of the internet is being able to freely ask/say what you want, without being policed and especially for petty things like asking technical help questions. I wonder how miserable it must be to volunteer your time to police strangers on the internet. Do you even get paid for this? :frowning:

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You have to realize that people can’t volunteer to serve your questions, especially if they’re already answered numerous times, or to repeat them spamming the forum. Ask a question, give as much as info as possible and be patient.
So, internet might be what you imagine it. But you mustn’t surprise if it’s something else, too.
I do not police anything. It’s just that such behavior wastes our time and energy, completely unnecessary. With that you’ll put yourself into position to be ignored, not getting the single answer.
Also, since this is community, it’s not only about getting, it’s about giving first. So, think what you could offer to the community.

I strongly suggest you to read what is desired behavior in this community. There, you will find “snarky” link about smart questions. It is there for you, to help you to get help as fast and as best as possible. The link is not there for experienced users, but also can serve to remind them from time to time.

Unfortunately that isn’t the whole point of this Forum.
There are constraints on what can be said here, and suggestions on how
to proceed. You can read that advice here

I don’t know the detail of the complaint.
But it would not be a good use of the forum if the same questions were
repeatedly asked when the answers were already available. That would
create distracting threads and might make the real answers more
difficult to find for other users.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.

When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

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