I forgot my Keyring and would like to reset it

Debian11のuntrusted qubeで、確かKeyringの設定を求められて設定していたのですが忘れてしまい、thunderbirdでメールからURLにアクセスする際に求められてキャンセルを何度かクリックすることになっています。


Here is a translation with DeepL that I used to understand your post:

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I am sure I was asked to set my keyring in Debian 11 untrusted qube, but I forgot to do so, and now when I access a URL from an email in thunderbird, I am asked to do so and have to click cancel a few times.
If possible, I would like to reset the DefaultKeyring and this time I would like to operate with a proper note.

The Debian Keyring configuration is not specific to Qubes OS; it’s a function of the VM. You should consult Debian documentation. My quick attempt to search resulted in this: DebianKeyring - Debian Wiki

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Ah! I had posted this in Japanese without translating it into English. Sorry, I see that it is set per VM, I will try to read the documentation linked in the URL. Thank you very much.

You can delete /home/user/.local/share/keyrings, but it deletes all your keyrings.


Sorry for posting in Japanese. Thank you! I was able to initialize Keyring by deleting Keyring in the folder you mentioned.