I completely forgot where the *.img files are stored and I can't figure it out

Either I’m tripping or they’ve changed location since 4.0. I swear they used to be in /var/lib/qubes something something but the only big folder I see there is vm-kernels.

All I got from search engines was extreme anger so I gave up and came here.

(I need the *.img file because I restored this qube from a Qubes 4.0 backup file so it doesn’t launch and I need to access its contents so I can recreate it in 4.2 with a fedora-38 base)

If you used the default partitioning in the installer, your pool uses LVM. All your qubes are visible from dom0 with sudo lvs and are in /dev/qubes_dom0/

I still don’t see any *.img files, but I do see the -private and -root files which I believe is what I need. Now, how do I mount/browse it? It doesn’t seem to be a regular mountable filesystem

Someone please help ;-; I have my data right here and I have ZERO clue how to access it. Restoring my entire Qubes 4.0 install just to pick out some files and then re-installing 4.2 and re-doing everything I’ve already done on it is going to take days and I have stuff to do. It’s GOTTA be easier than that come on. I know I’ve accessed data like this before (at least on 4.0) it can’t be that hard. I just want like less than 100kb out of these gigantic backups.

Should I just pull out a hex editor…? /s

It should be. What’s the result of a mount command?

If it’s the ‘root’ volume that you’re trying to access, the filesystem would normally be on a partition inside the volume. Also, don’t mount any VM volumes in dom0 but in a DisposableVM:

Both the -private and -root entries for the qube in question report that it is a LVM2_member and thus cannot be mounted. I know I have to use vg/lv commands but I don’t know which.

I’m not entirely sure. It’s a standalonevm so it should all be together, yet there are root and private drives for it. And yeah I know about the dom0 mount virus :ok_hand:

If it’s a standalone that you created, it’s most ee0likely that you
installed in to the system storage volume which presents as /dev/xvda

You should be able to follow the instructions at How to mount LVM images | Qubes OS
If those dont work for you, then give the error messages that you see.
Dont just say “It doesn’t work” or “doesn’t seem to be a regular mountable
filesystem”,tell us why, and then people will be able to help.

If you cant find the files you expect, it’s possible that you slot the
install. In that case investigate the private volume.