I can't start Qubes OS (pendrive)

Hello everyone.
I downloaded files from iso to usb 3.0 flash drive by Rufus. Then I installed the Qubes OS system on a 128GB flash drive with usb 3.0 (it took several hours to install). I clicked restart, the computer should reboot, but windows loaded, so I tried to start Qubes OS via the boot menu, but after selecting the pendrive with Qubes OS installed, nothing happened. I clicked and had to choose again which disk to load. Why is this happening? I installed the system twice and the same. I had Intel VT-d turned on in my bios.

Qubes OS needs to be able to manage the hardware directly.

This may have to do with the type of boot that your computer supports. You may need to validate if it’s UEFI or traditional BIOS (legacy mode) and make sure that the USB drive is partitioned/configured accordingly. The other potential issue is if secure boot is enabled or not. There is more information in the installation guide, which you may have followed already: Installation guide | Qubes OS. Also see this troubleshooting guide: UEFI troubleshooting | Qubes OS

Secure Boot is turned off. This boot is UEFI. I have legacy usb turned on. Partitioning is correct because Qubes OS created it. As for “UEFI troubleshooting”, I have no idea how to open this terminal to type these commands.

Do you have another linux machine? Or can you boot your installation USB medium and use the console there to mount that installed USB UEFI partition? Running Qubes from USB drives can be tricky in some machines and should be considered an advanced installation topic. Without the ability to troubleshoot, you may be better off just following the standard installation procedure to an internal SSD.

I don’t have another linux machine. I tried to install Qubes OS on an SSD, but that didn’t help either, it’s the same as with a USB flash drive. The installation was successful, but the disk with qubes os is not booting at all. I changed booting to CSM (LEGACY + UEFI) and nothing.

I meant an SSD connected through the SATA or PCI bus (SATA or NVME). Any storage device connected to your USB bus is likely to behave similarly. An internal drive is the way to go, unless you want to spend some time reading troubleshooting guides and following them.

That’s right, I installed Qubes OS on a SATA SSD and the same error as installing it on a USB flash drive.

Oh, I see! In that case, you will need to troubleshoot the boot process. Qubes supports both, Legacy and UEFI modes, but it can be finicky in some cases. It is possible that you are affected by this issue (Installation completes successfully but then boot loops or hangs on black screen); if so, you can follow the guide here to fix it: UEFI troubleshooting | Qubes OS. Another possible issue is this ( Boot device not recognized after installing) and the guide on how to fix it is on that page too.

You may need a second computer to modify files in your USB drive, but even Windows should do.