I can't Qubes internet at Starbucks

hello everybody
Three days before I attempted to use Qubes network at Starbucks. But I can`t Qubes internet. It said {tor networking blocked}. The Cause was Starbucks WIFI? What should I do? I want to use Qubes network at Starbucks. Please help me!!!

I don’t think it has much to do with Qubes. You start to browse directly with Tor without doing the captive portal first without tor?


The wifi hotspot certainly offers a captive portal to ask for agreeing with some rules before allowing your computer to reach the internet. If you don’t do this step, tor isn’t going to work.

This suggests that you can use Qubes network. What you cant do is use
This may be a policy decision by Starbucks - branch, or country - you can try to change their
mind, or you can see if you can use bridges.
This isnt Qubes specific - read CIRCUMVENTION | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual for advice

Thank you fast replay. you three. Actually I can connect network. But, I think this network block about Tor network. I cant use tor network. And I try use default bridges. But, it didnt work.

There are ways to get around this situation. Read what unman said. There are answers to what you want and he pointed you towards what to do.

This may help Can't Connect to Starbucks WiFi? Fix Captive Portal Issues - Speedify
there are captive portal in Starbucks from that page, you just can’t do any network before passing this step :roll_eyes:

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thank you all for great advice!! That make sense. I think I didn`t do captive portal step.
I will try use new bridge or speedify vpn next week.

sorry late response.

Captive portals are the reason I have a sys-portals VM, connected to sys-firewall and not to sys-vpn, for the sole purpose of opening the browser there and accepting the terms of service for the wifi network.

I would never try to use my Qubes in Starbucks or similar, while intending to login anywhere.
Coffee is anyway mostly better in any in-the-know-for-locals small cafe.

sorry late response. Create new VM And connect sys-firewall? OK, I try it.
Thank you advice.

or just use the “untrusted” qube, if your install included that one, that should connect to the local network, no need to create a new qube

Unman told you the answer to this already in part. Tor has information on all of these things on their website.

You may want to apply arkenfox to Firefox for the captive portal or connect with Tor browser from a disp-whonix template that you modify to directly connect to the captive portal so that less of your hardware identifiers are sent to Starbucks that can uniquely identify you.

Someone asked before why Starbucks and not a different place. It was a good question. You are going to get a lot more of them trying to sell data about your system, your MAC address and so on because they are a large corporation and it is certain they sell data from their free internet. They may also be using DPI and not telling you to sell your data for even more money. Just don’t think you are totally protected in a situation like that if you are doing anything other than learning about Tor. Your MAC address, canvas fingerprints, and other information are all linked to you. I don’t know if Qubes randomizes MAC addresses. It probably doesn’t. Firefox out of the box offers almost no protection.

Thank you guys. for lots of advice. I get it that I do not sufficient response for security. I have to learn about safety connection.
so first, I Just do what you’re told.

IIRC network-manager (on qube os) randomizes the MAC by default

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Thank you!

To be more specific, it is only randomized for wifi, not for wired connections.

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When using public networks, I also set some free public dns server for the connection, usually the one out of 7times2 eyes. Or, some DoH

If the App disp-dvmxxxx (where the xxxx is the numbers suffixed when the dvm is started) worked as I think it should.

Use App disp-dvmxxxx Firefox to let them sent you portal requirements (perhaps a pop-up, which you might have disabled pop-ups) If it is not to demanding. Login. Close App disp-dvmxxxx (or I do)

Then use a VPN to continue on.

Some WiFi portals, (garden wall some call it) have odd conditions. I drink coffee from a place which does not have public WiFi, but a auto dealership across the street which has a powerful WiFi signal. The sign in is through Meta to their Meta page, for which I maintain a only used for nonsense Meta accounts things.

Then start a VPN to continue on. One can get irritated with the slowness of Tor, and slip into doing something one might regret as a Security Hazard.

In a Public WiFi:
Establish connection.
Close Qube used to establish connection.
VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) connection from then on, even if going into Tor, or using Tor Bridge.

Realize that there are individuals whose vision is so good, they can read what you are typing from across a large room. Maybe even from the reflection from my glasses, or the picture on the wall behind me.