HVM's not connecting to internet

So I find this searching about my "not being able to get any of my HVM’s to connect to the internet…

All of my HVM’s are getting ip’s of…10.137.x.x
All of my HVM’ gateways are…10.138.x.x
All nameservers are…10.139.x.x

But my “cloned” templates, you know debian 11 or Fedora 34 when i put them in (sys-firewall) so I can get out to the internet. They get the same networking specs
All of my cloned templates are getting ip’s of…10.137.x.x
All of my cloned templates gateways are…10.138.x.x
All nameservers are…10.139.x.x

and connect just fine and I can install | update things like clamav/rkhunter.

Can someone explain???

Because they are templates and updating is not done via networking but via qrexec? You can’t “get out to the internet.”. Just to the official repositories.

I wish it was that simple with HVMs :slight_smile:

I have a feeling @B_ryr’s talking about HVMs that were built from scratch, so they wouldn’t behave like this unless they were specifically set up that way…

@B_ryr does make a fair point about networking in HVMs. You do have to spoon feed them, and in some cases, Windows HVMs behave the same way…

@enmus also makes a good point about pre-built Qubes Linux-based templates being set up to get updates into the template via qrexec

I have a feeling that the issue is that BSD isn’t liking the fact that the gateway is on a completely different subnet to the HVM IP address…

I noticed that when installing Android-X86 as an HVM…

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@enmus thank you very much.
Just getting frustrated as none of my hmv’s I built are not getting out or any internet… I have a few of them (4)
Very disheartening

@alzer89 thanks sir for the explanation

Hope they can get this fixed.

You can try giving the ethernet hardware card to the HVM. Clone first in case something funny happens. This type of problems were common in 4.0 but not for major OSes. This works for me most of the time.

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@i2p thanks for the advice but I’ll wait till the qubes team gets this fixed.
In 4.0.x my hvm’s never had any issues connecting and getting out to the internet.