HVM networking 4.2,issue

OK again guys, another question

I have built out one of my HVM’s, everything went great following my notes from studying my qube and what others how tough me. Runs great but when I go to setup my networking, I am not connecting.

I do the whole setup in terminal

sudo ifconfig eth0 xx.xxx.x.xx broadcast xx.xxx.x.xxx netmask xxx.xxx.x.x up
I get connection established

sudo route add default gw xx.xxx.xx.xx
I just get “return” input…so i assume it is connected

I ping
I am ping, getting 17-25ms
no packets dropped.

I go to…

sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf

Still no go for browser.

I use disposables so am I missing another step now in 4.2?

What if you try to resolve the domain from command line?

ping debian.org

Or use some tool to check DNS e.g. dig.
If you set nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf then will domain resolution work?

Whose nameservers are those? If your HVM is its own separate world you could use Quad9 or Cloudflare.

I think is Google … I avoid them.

Anything 10.x.x.x is an RFC 1918 (private) address and that kinda looks like a Qubes internal number to me.

Thanks guys, I’ll work on this over the weekend…

@nealr yes that’s google, I will change that

none of my HMV’s will connect to the internet. I am using “ipcalc” to get my netmask and it is tell me but this isn’t working, why??

My problem is my netmask that’s what it points to, everything else is right

Broadcast ip… is right
default gw… is right
netmask… is wrong;;;

I need the right “netmask” in order to connect. So how to i figure that, can someone explain?

Before I could use up

after 4.2 I am also having problems with one HVM trying for network connectivity.
e.g. running a Kali HVM. Kali sees an ethernet connection, the details match what QubesOS’ settings for the kali qube has, but it can’t ping kali.org, other sites, or do an apt update…

@jlariviere I had to “purge” my networking config’s, then set backup. For some reason they were staying " old configs" and I had to “su” into a few thigns but all is well now, HVM’s are connecting. The only other problem I am having is one of my “Arch” HVM’s, those guys and their “bull*t", they just don’t keep up on their repos and once out of sink "sh” hits the fan (signatures, packages)someone change the version of java and didn’t update package list, all that HEADACHE stuff. I am now really questioning if I really want to keep using it. Maybe I’ll just build out my own “Arch” toolkit…

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