HVM and whonixGW

Ive set up a HMV with a webserver installed and tor installed with a hidden service setup and working.

I can access the website via the v3 .onion address from aother qube fine, when im using the firewall for networking however…

When I switch to whonix for networking, change the ip setting to match on the hmv and check im connected to tor using the browser in the hmv it works BUT i then cannot access the .onion address.

Any suggestions?

You have tor installed in HVM and set this HVM networking qube to sys-whonix?
That means you have Tor over Tor scenario:
Clearnet link:

How can this be set up correctly? Is there a something like a torrc file in whonix gateway that i can point to the internal IP of my hvm? Then i assume i would purge tor from the hvm. Am i along the right lines here. I cant seem to fine any guides on what i am trying to achieve without using a whonix workststion.

The reason i am using a hvm running ubuntu 18.04 is because i am struggling to install the correct depedencies and versions of nodejs, npm, and mysql that ive spent hours trying to configure on a whonix workstation but ive givennup.

You can set up onion service in sys-whonix and just use your HVM instead of Whonix-Workstation:
Clearnet link:

This worked thank you. :blush: