Huawei Matebook 14 troubles for booting usb flash drive with Qubes os

Hello everyone, I have troubles with booting Qubes os from my usb flash drive, let me explain:

I have a Huawei Matebook 14 and I’ve been able to install Qubes os on a usb flash drive (SanDisk Extreme Pro) through it. When the installation was complete, the system restarted and it booted on the usb key with Qubes os, great!

But now the problem is that my laptop has since never been able to boot on the usb flash drive with Qubes os, my laptop doesn’t even recognize the usb flash drive anymore.

Can you guys please help me?

Thanks a lot for your help, if you need more information just ask me.

What do you mean by this? You don’t see it in BIOS, or you don’t see it in a file manager?

I don’t see it in the BIOS.

I will take a look at the “Missing boot entry after shutdown”, thanks !

I tried this:

but it doesn’t work

Also when I tried the advanced reboot option from windows, I get the “Boot fail” message