HP Z420 unsupported hardware

hi folks
despite HP Z420 being listed in HCL as perfectly supported machine, during install I got a warning about lacking of HVM-VT-x/AMD-v IOMMU/VT-d/AMD-Vi HAP/SLAT/EPT/RVI.
Searched machine BIOS for whatever selectable option about activating those functions and found none. After reading FAQ’s I tryed solving the issue, BIOS has been updated to the latest version J61 V. 3.95 CPU is xeon E5-2680 sandy bridge, graphic is quadro 2000.
Could this issue be related to being my Z420 a V1 version (supporting only sandy bridge CPU’S while Z420 V2 version support sandy bridge and ivy bridge cpu)?
In other words: is a CPU issue or a mainboard issue?
Before buy another Z420, (a V2 version and a Ivy bridge CPU), did anyone had the same problem?
Is there a user with a working Z420 with Qubes-OS to ask about detailed hardware profile?

Have you tried contacting Emily Andes who submitted the HCL report? She
added also some detail when submitting it. As far as I can tell, she uses the exact same version you have.

thanks for you reply. Contacting Emily Andes seems impossible to me as newly registred user can’t send direct messages to other forum users. Using google groups requires registration, so being myself proudly antigoogle, not having ever registered to whatever google service, not even social networks (yes I am one of those very few :upside_down_face: ) all I can do is wait long enough to progress from 0 level user to level 1 user then I’ll be enabled to send a direct message to Emily.

There are actually three places:

Google and Mail-Archive hide the email address, although I do see a button saying “Reply via email to Emily Andes” on Mail-Archive. In any case, I am subscribed to that list for many years and that’s why I saw her email address in my Thunderbird without even bothering with the web interfaces.

Maybe give that button a try. I also contacted her and made her aware of this thread, maybe she’ll come and help.