HP Notebook X7W78UA


I’m new to Qubes and decided to test it on an old laptop I had lying around, the HP Notebook X7W78UA. It seems to work but I really don’t know what to test for.

And if this one that I picked at total random works, is it likely that any laptop that meets the requirements even if it isn’t on the HCL list will work?

Thanks so much everyone!

Thank you for testing! Would you be able to also attach an HCL report?

The report is the most important thing for the Community. If you have time, you could also check if suspend, WiFi, camera etc work.

So what are the things to test? How do I make a comprehensive test?

I’d love to help out the community and make an HCL report, but the instructions have a bit too many technical terms for me.

I can try to help you with the report. Here are the steps:

  1. Press alt+F3, enter Terminal in the search field and click on Terminal Emulator item in the list. This will open a black window (with title “[dom0] Terminal …”) inviting you to enter commands (called Terminal).
  2. In that window enter the following:
    qubes-hcl-report vmname ,
    where instead of vmname you should write the name of VM in which you open this forum. The report will automatically appear in that VM.
  3. Now you only need to attach that file to the forum post. The file is in your home directory.

Please ask any questions if I didn’t explain anything well.

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Qubes-HCL-HP-HP_Notebook-20230818-161003…yml (945 Bytes)

The Wi-fi works and I tested the camera and mic with jitsi meet and it seems to work just fine as well. Is there anything else that I should test?

Thanks for the help @fsflover!

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Also, I don’t know if this means that suspend is working, but I left my screen on and walked away from the laptop for about an hour and when I came back I had to reenter a password.

To test it, open the Menu, choose Log Out, then Suspend. The device will go to the low-power state. Then try to wake it up by pressing any button (or power button).

How about HDMI video and audio?

Also here is an example of a good report: Lenovo Ideapad C340-14API. Another one: Asus ExpertBook B1400CEAEY (11th-gen). Third one: MSI B550-A Pro - Ryzen 5600X desktop.

WiFi, camera, mic, streaming YouTube 1080p and suspend all work. I don’t have a monitor to test HDMI with.

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