HP EliteBook 840 G4


Works without problems with both R4.0.4 and R4.1, using BIOS and dual booting with ubuntu. Camera and microphone work, fingerprint reader does not (no driver).


Qubes-HCL-HP-HP_EliteBook_840_G4-20210312-104604.yml (894 Bytes)

Thank you @GWeck for your report, which is now available in the HCL.

Does this still work with with this laptop as of today?

I am still using it as my main mobile device, running Qubes R4.0.4 with a lot of different VMs, up to Windows 11.

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Thank you , I wanted to confirm before purchasing one

Added report for Qubes R4.1 - works as well as R4.0.4, but with better Windows support (thanks to @jevank),
Qubes-HCL-HP-HP_EliteBook_840_G4-20220402-112730.yml (888 Bytes)

Thank you @GWeck and sorry for the delay in processing it. Your R4.1 report is online now!