How to use VPNBOOK on qubes os?

Is it possible to setup vpn template via VPNBOOK ?
Is it safe ?

yes, with openvpn

it seem they should fall in to “bad vpn”, but the maintainer want it to be a “good vpn”
either way, use with careful

To expand on the response of being careful…
Using VPNs is a question of trust in the VPN provider(s).
OpenVPN works using predominantly volunteer server providers.
These providers have many different motives, backgrounds, and reasons for providing the VPN service. Some providers are not honorable or incapable of protecting the users of their networks from outside influences.
If you trust your VPN providers for the level of security they can provide, then you accept the risks at that level of security.
Otherwise, you may wish to see if TOR networks are a better choice.