How to use salt files?

What i think salt files are?
A way to automatically configure new install of qubes os or new installs of vm’s instead of having to manually configure linux,

what specific help am i looking for ?
specific links where i can learn what salt is and how to use it in qubes
i have experience with linux, just new to salt.

What i aim to achieve?

  1. a way apart from backup, which i already have to setup my system fast, in case of a failure.
  2. A way to auto-configure disposable vm’s


There are some specialties to salt for qubes, see here .

A good place to start would be @unman’s example git repo, but i was unable to find it. It is linked somewhere here on the forum tho.

I have notes from a basic introduction here
There are some examples here - these
need some updating.

These are very simple use of Salt - enough to get you started, but also
enough to show the power of Salting Qubes.
Once you are familiar with the basics you can move on to templating.

You should be able to get to the stage where you can take a clean
install, run some states, and have your system configured as you wish.
If you need help, ask away.