How to use/play USB Optical DVD Drive?


Documentation here does not say well how to use USB Optical DVD Drive for just playing a DVD. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you.

It is like any USB device: insert USB (assuming you have sys-usb running), go to device widget, select the device you want and attach it to de appVM you want .
(That being said, I have a USB optical drive I can’t use, at least yet, because of some errors i did not bother to troubleshoot yet)


Have done that and drive starts spinning, but, nothing appears. Is an application needed for Qubes?

What do you expect? A trace in the logs (see dmesg -Tw in the AppVM where you attached the DVD drive)? An icon on the desktop (will never happen with Qubes OS)? An autostart application that play the DVD (will never happen with Qubes OS)?

An application to play the DVD? This is not Qubes OS specific, try VLC for example.

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Tried this in sys-usb and the Qube and the following appears:

dmesg: read kernel buffer failed: Operation not permitted

No icon or autostart.

Following steps here for Fedora 22 and later, after doing first 3 lines in Qube terminal (Fedora-30 template) with success, dnf install vlc brings
“Last metadata expiration check: XXXXXXXXXXX
No match for argument: vlc
Error: Unable to find a match: vlc

*Going to follow steps here - How do I play video files?, steps worked to install VLC. Attach USB DVD player and disc to VLC Qube and in VLC, choose DVD file detected to play.

Good news, another problem behind you. :slight_smile:

You solved so no more useful, but for the above, I forgot ‘sudo’ before the command… (so sudo dmesg -Tw). If you want to learn more about sudo:

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