How to use audient evo 4 or any other audio interface to record audio (without sys-usb)

Hi i have an audient evo 4 audio interface and i am running qubes without sys-usb. The microphone attached does not show up the devices to mount option in the device manager where other hard drives show up. Nor does the audio interface itself show up in that option.

Dom0 recognises audient evo 4 as a sound card and i can from the volume manager and audio manager in dom0, setup my audio-vm audacity to use audient evo4 for recording but when i start recording no sound comes in the track.
Any help on this ?
tl"dr audio interface recognised as sound card , can select option to use for recording in audio-qubes audacity, but no sound.

Not sure if I know how to help on this. Just dropping here a link: