How to use AR9271 USB NIC?

Is part of the linux kernel with ath9k so I thought it would work easily. I don’t understand how to pass a USB NIC through. A reddit post mention sys-usb but I see no such thing in qube manager. On 4.04. Was considering that you just need to pass device to sys-net but it only shows PCI devices from what I can see unlike lsusb output on dom0 which lists my device as plugged in.
Edit: from my understanding, sys-usb does exist but I don’t know how to just do this task. Can someone link me to documentation that links specifically to using a free software supported USB NIC for qubes because I just don’t get it and can’t find such information.

Perhaps this may be relevant:

Read that thread now. Looks like a possibly very dangerous thing to do as my keyboards and mice are all usb. I don’t like this. Qubes seems pretty nonfunctional to be able to do something like this. I don’t want to pass in a pci usb controller through. I don’t want to expose all usb devices to sys-net. I just want to pass a single usb device. This is incredibly easy on my arch machine with virt-manager. I understand that qubes does things differently but it just doesn’t work. I can’t find something specific to this situation in the docs and this isn’t something out of this world. Btw the other system I do a good amount of virtualization stuff is arch. Can someone either give me an answer or docs that say something that is actually helpful for this that doesn’t risk an incredible amount of security or locking me out of keyboard from my system? I could get a usb controller to my desktop but that means I need to unplug something else and it is just extra, stupid cost.