How to use a screenshot tool in qubes for my work

here is what i need to do, make notes. so screenshot an area of a pdf or webpage, which is running in the same vm as notes, and then put it into the note taking application

But i cannot do this, i tried instlaling flameshot in work vm, but got a message, that the vm tried to create a very large window, because i am using multiple monitors
i tries intalling flameshot in dom0. and while i am able to at least take a screenshot, pasting it into another vm becomes problematic. I clicked copy to clipboard then tried the same ctrl sfhit v and ctrl v in the respective note vm
didnt work

So is there a way to make it work, anything is fine for me, within the same vm or from dom0.

print screen gives you the option to save the screenshot in dom0, then you can use the command qvm-copy-to-vm to copy it to the vm where you want to use it.

XFCE: In dom0 Terminal, you print the Screenshot Application Options:

$ xfce4-screenshooter -h

For your preferred options (e.g., -r = immediately selecting a region) you can add/edit shortcuts in Applications Menu/System Tools/Keyboard:

In dom0 Terminal, you send the screenshot to the desired VM:

[user@dom0 <foldername>]$ qvm-copy-to-vm <vmname> <filename>.png +

I haven’t used flameshot.
I have installed deepin, and run it in the qube. It will only capture
windows from the qube(naturally), but you are able to edit and highlight
the captures before saving. You can save to disk or to clipboard.
It may be what you are looking for.

You can safely ignore that warning message.