How to Take Screenshots During Qubes OS Installation

I want to capture screenshots during Qubes OS installation like this. How can I do it on a real machine, not a virtual machine?

capture card?


shft+print, anaconda will save your screenshoot after install in /root/anaconda-screenshots.


Wow, thanks, I would never guess that. Why isn’t it simply “PrtScr”?

I tried the following steps: press Shift+Print Screen → press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to switch to another tty → there’s no /root/anaconda-screenshots

This method only works with Redhat

anaconda will save your screenshoot after install

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There’s no way you can ss in anaconda shell, that’s why i made guide with vm, ss is only for anaconda gui.

Have you try or just by browsing? Redhat, Fedora, Qubes are using Anaconda, and every anaconda installer can do this.

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I’m installing Qubes OS now. During installation, I don’t see this directory. I will check again after installation

After finishing the installation and before rebooting to Qubes OS, I switched to tty and checked again but I couldn’t find that directory. Googling shows that many people cannot find that directory either

it is in dom0?

In the finished Qubes OS, I open a Terminal in dom0, do ls in home directory → there are several dirs: Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc. I checked Pictures but found nothing

is there any picture in /root/anaconda-screenshots?

No picture

try this (because when you type pwd it not your root home folder)

sudo cd /root/anaconda-screenshots


sudo ls

It looks like I cannot switch to root with sudo

that weird

sudo -s && whoami

cd /root/anaconda-screenshots && pwd



Yessss! There they are. Thank you for your help

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but i don’t understand, why whoami don’t output anything?

I also noticed that part and I have no idea :man_shrugging:. I did a normal installation following the guide from the homepage. I haven’t modified anything yet

After taking a look at sudo's manpage, I see that executing sudo -s will drop me into a root shell. This means the part && whoami won’t be run at all

My output after that

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