How to start a vm from an autostart file

I have an intermittent problem with sys-usb not starting up on boot.

(I’ve checked - autostart is indeed ‘True’).

This is not the end of the world, since I’m working off a laptop, but its an inconvenience, an extra layer of ‘stuff’ after quite a long boot-up.

I thought I could maybe add a line to an autostart file somewhere in dom0: if sys-usb has started properly already, the command will do nothing (I think); if sys-usb hasn’t started, it would fix that.

But I don’t know what command that would be. The documentation talks about

$ qvm-run <VM-NAME> <COMMAND>

where COMMAND refers to an application. But trying without

$qvm-run <VM-NAME>

does nothing. I thought about maybe starting terminal, then closing it with

I’m probably missing something simple. Anyone point me in the right direction?

You are looking for the very similar command qvm-start <VM-Name>.