How to start a Template after installing

Hi, i did
sudo qubes-dom0-update ques-template-debian-12

it downloaded succesfully,

Installing debian12…
debian12 importing data…

then the prompt showas…

In the docsitsays:

Start the template…

BUT HOW TO START THE template ???

i did not find any idea and advice in the docs.

regards, hitam

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Use Qubes application menu Q → TEMPLATES tab → select debian-12 template → Start qube:

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Thanks for your kind answer. Maybe someone could rewrite the docs in such a way, that beginners and qubes dummies could follow the action without asking about every details.

In the meantime I updated the template successfully.

i know from my own experience, it is difficult of experts in their field to convey their knowledge in such a way to beginners and people not so familiar with the subject, so they are able to follow the instructions step-by-step. Well, that it just a suggestion ( before the critics start punishing me again).

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