How to shutdown a transient state qube?

How to shutdown a transient state qube? (yellow color)

I tried pressing the shutdown button, but I get the error “Domain is powered off” and it is not shutdown, it remains transient, yellow.
Tried also qvm-shutdown --force, same result.
qvm-kill is also not shutting it down.

Using Qubes 4.1

It remains in transient state after I tried to add a PCI device. It didn’t manage to add it. And now the qube is transient, I cannot remove the PCI device and I cannot shutdown it.

One solution that I found is to restart the whole OS or re-login in the OS. But not convenient to do it every time a qube goes transient.

Hi were you able to solve this? I could have sworn that I posted about this and @marmarek responded but I cant find the post (maybe it was in irc?). Anyway, while it seems to be hung it also seems to “count” as running as it seems to be using mem which limits my already really limited system :frowning:

I think it’s just a bug in the Qube Manager. It shows yellow even though the qube has already shut down. If you restart the Qube Manager, it should no longer show yellow next to that qube.

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Thanks, not sure if i am happy to hear that or not LOL, was kinda hoping they were open so I could close them and save some mem. Oh well, thanks you nailed it.

Dev says that a qube that is shutdown in guest side but not in the dom0 side is mostly doing LVM snapshot cleanups.

I have an elementary conclusion. If you are (a)using HDD, (b)playing with a VM that has private storage of more than 300GB, and (c)the 300GB is mostly docker container layers so that each time docker daemon starts up, the atime of nearly each file inside your filesystem is updated, then it will not be strange that handling LVM snapshot takes a great deal of time (over 1 hr).

A good question is to ask whether there is a better progress bar of shutdowning for such qube.