How to Share Device Between Qubes

Hello I’d like to know in detail how to correctly do this?
I have =

  • (A) AppVM-Fedora
  • (B) Annon-whonix
  • (C) Standalone-Debian10
  • (D) Block device Internal HDD Dom0:sde

So what i want to achieve is (A,B,C) can access and write “Public_Shared.extensions” Files in a “Public_Shared” Folder inside (D)

So any one can help me? how to correctly do this?

Thank you

Maybe let’s take a step back and understand why this needs to be done. Unlike other virtualization technologies, Qubes does not make it easy to share folders between Qubes. I believe this is for security reasons.

Connecting qubes this way will make it much easier for all of them to be compromised… maybe it would make sense to make these three qubes into one. But ultimately that’s your choice. Here’s a related discussion:

also, I’ve changed the title a bit. Feel free to change it back if you don’t think it applies well to your situation.

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Thank you for the pointed links, and also thanks for your concern and view. i do appreciate it.

If i may share why would i do this, I’m doing a simulation which each VM have their own unique process which cannot be interrupted by other process that’s why to avoid conflicting process i separate it into 3 VM.

well normally i do this with 3 different pc and one NAS.

and i forgot to mention, about these 4 machines (3 pc and 1 NAS) they are isolated. it only wired between them and files are being communicated only and through NAS. Then why use NAS not just let each pc share files between them, NAS needed since each files are unique and needed to be catalogued, analyzed, etc it’s more hassle when pulling the data directly from each 3 pc rather than using NAS.

Thanks for that clarification.
I think the amended title is now misleading.

I would have thought that the simplest solution would be to have all 3
qubes with network access restricted to the IP address of the NAS, and
use whatever access is available (usually ssh or file-sharing on the

If you don’t want the NAS to be on the local network, but USB attached,
then create a storage qube and attach the USB to it. Then access the
files on the attached storage using something like GitHub - unman/qubes-sync: Simple syncin between qubes over qrexec
if you set up sharing on the storage qube.
If you do this right then each qube will have a local folder linked to
a folder on the NAS.
Ask if you need help setting this up.

Yes, thank you very much for your support, I’m currently looking into it.