Is a sys-storage possible?


I was wondering whether I could create a vm called sys-storage that, in my case, hosts my music library. I would want to have my music vm have read-only access to a specific folder in my sys-storage. Sorry if this sounds confusing. Would this be possible? And if so, where should I look to get started?


EDIT: I wouldn’t use sys-storage for my music library alone. I would love to be able to store my keepass database, my school documents and more as well.

EDIT2: It would be ideal if I could give a vm write access to a specific folder as well, for example my keepass database

Basically you want some sort of shared storage between Qubes. This is not recommended from the security perspective since you’re essentially creating a way for one qube to exploit another. Here are some related threads:

Another idea could be to have your music in the templateVM (in a persistent area. Not sure how sound this idea is, but that way it would be read-only (kind of).

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Thanks. I didn’t even think about the security implications if I’m being honest. Do you think it would still be relatively insecure if I didn’t share anything outside of their own ‘domain’? A domain is Personal-*, as in Personal-Firefox, Personal-Spotify etc.

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you could host nextcloud in your storage qube and mount it via WebDAV in a another qube… if it helps to ease your pain.

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Yes, it is possible. My favorite is NFS + qvm-connect-tcp

For Keepass database, I would suggest saving it in a vault qube or similar and passing the credentials to each VM via clipboard

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