How to set up with AsrockB450 Pro4

I have an Asrock B450 Pro4 (Ryzen5 2600 + AMD Card DP → HDMI) and I know that it can be used with QubesOS and I am trying to install it,

Setting 1: Advanced / CPU configuration / SVM mode → enabled Setting
2: Advanced / Onboard Devices configuration / SR-IOV support → enabled
Setting 3: Advanced / AMD CBS /NBIO common options / IOMMU —> enabled

I tried booting in UEFI/Legacy mode with these settings and without the expansion board attached, but it switches from the BIOS start screen and immediately returns to the BIOS settings screen. I am using the latest stable version of QubeseOS and a USB stick that I have installed on my HP 8200 Elite SFF.

How can i proceed to the point of installation?

My apologies, the BIOS version was the latest but I downgraded to 4.20 and was able to proceed to the installation successfully.

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