How to set up Videochatting


Since some time now I am trying to set up a videochat VM.
What is your setup for videochatting?
I especially got an issue with my webcam. Everytme the browser wants to connect to it it is being detached from the VM (I’ve attached it via sys-usb). Do you use a VM with the USB controller assigned to it so that you don’t need to attach the Webcam?

You can use USB passthrough to share mic and camera with the VM containing the video conferencing app.

                 | video chat*  | screensharing**
jitsi web        | ok           | ok
zoom desktop     | ok           | no
google meet web  | ok?          | ?

* Unfortunately, CPU usage is high (due to lack of hardware encoding/decoding?)
** Only windows in the video conferencing VM are visible.

Thanks for your answer.

I am having an issue with attaching the webcam. It is getting automatically detached if I am selecting it e.g. in the browser chat window. Maybe it is a firmware bug. I can only get it working with assigning the usb controller to the VM.

Yeah the CPU usage sucks. I cannot really use my internal mic. It is all CPU fans and keyboard noise.

See the solution for this, it might be the same issue:

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Thanks mate. That helped!
Sorry for the duplicate. I did not find this one.

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No worries! Cheers!

One of my videochatting approaches is: Debian Minimal + Signal Desktop (up to 8 people in a video conference). It’s a Signal Messenger qube only.
For all other video chats (Zoom, Jitsi, etc.), I use Disposable VMs.

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