How to send private message on the forum

I would like to know how to send a private message to another qubes forum user. Please respond in precise, specific terms that could be understood by a child or a caveman. Perhaps there is a “How to navigate and use the qubes forum” guide ? If there is such a guide please tell me where and how to find it. Thank You !

Simplest way is to click on the intended recipient’s avatar (in your case the “L” button), and then click on the blue “Message” button that appears. Personally I would only use this if I had a question tangent to the original post that didn’t merit another thread in the discussion. A link to the forum guidelines will also appear, which is worth reading for those new to the forum.

Could you please be more precise, what exactly you want to do? Do you want to send a private message to another user here on the forum? Or do you want to send some text (file?) from one qube to another in your Qubes OS installation?

For the second case, this is discouraged for security reasons, but you can probably use RPC Policies. It’s an advanced feature. If you want simple explanations how to use it, please tell exactly what you want to send to where and why.

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Ok, the Qubes forum is running a software called discourse. You may be able to find some guides for that on their website (sorry, I’m not aware of a good one guide).

To send a private message, just click on the user’s profile picture and then [Message] (blue button):


:warning: do not message team members (they have the label “Qubes Team”) The policy of not emailing team members should also apply to in-forum communications, generally.

Also, users who don’t want to be contacted via private message can disable that in the settings.


LittleJohnny specifically said " I would like to know how to send a
private message to another qubes forum user".
That seems precise to me.

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I chose to restrict my private messages to a whitelist of senders in order to encourage folks with questions to ask them in public threads where everyone can contribute and benefit. I’ve found that the vast majority of questions sent to me in private would’ve been better for the one asking and the broader community if asked in public.