How to sanitize image files for dom0 wallpapers?

How do you guys sanitize your awesome wallpaper pics for putting into dom0 desktop? Do you manually take a full screenshot of the pics, or do you use “qvm-convert-img” and then find a way to pass those files to dom0? What are the available approaches here?

usage: qvm-get-image [-h] VMNAME SRC DST

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The help for the qvm-get-image command doesn’t mention it pulls the image file into dom0. Does it move the image in the VMNAME qube into the dom0? And while it is doing that, is it applying something like qvm-convert-img in a disp qube and sanitize the image?

yes,if you run command in dom0.


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I like the simplicity of the screenshot method.

Yeah, that’s the safest way to do it. However, the manual work becomes a pain in the case of a 100 wallpaper pics.

It is implicit in the help -
DST Destination path in this VM
this VM

Run the command in dom0 and the image will be copied in to dom0

No, it creates a sanitised copy in dom0. The original image remains in
the source qube.

No - it should do this, but it calls qvm-convert-image in the source
qube to sanitise. I believe there’s an open issue on GitHub to correct this

There’s also qvm-get-tinted-image if you want to change the colour of
the image and have a sanitized version.


Thanks @unman for clarifying the situation. It has been a great help.

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