How to run Suckless Terminal (st) on personal appvm?

I am trying to run suckless terminal (st) on my debian-10 based personal qube.

I installed the stterm using the apt package manager on the debian-10 template.

Then I modified the /usr/share/applications/st.desktop file as follows:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Simple Terminal
Comment=Suckless (Simple) Terminal

However, when I run personal: st program from dmenu, I get two terminals getting spawned as follows:

The left hand side terminal is the normal debian terminal spawning the simple terminal on the right hand side.

I have tried changing the “Terminal” entry to “false” which, didn’t change the fact that again the gnome-terminal first got spawned and then the suchless terminal.

How do I get ONLY st getting spawned when I run on the dmenu personal: st?

Did you re-run qvm-sync-appmenus after fixing the st.desktop file?

Yes, I did.

Did you restart the personal VM after fixing the st.desktop file?

Yes, I did that, too.


  1. Installed stterm in template
  2. Created st.desktop in the template as shown above
  3. Shutdown template
  4. Added st to personal VM settings
  5. Started personal VM
  6. Launching st, first launched terminal (as specified in desktop file)
  7. Shutdown personal VM
  8. Edited st.desktop in template to set Terminal=false
  9. Shutdown template
  10. Started personal
  11. Launching st, no longer has extra terminal

Interesting. I remember doing the “Terminal=false” thing and then restarting, and trying again. It hadn’t worked.

But I will try again and report back. Thanks.

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That’s puzzling that now what you proposed has worked.

I put the Terminal=false, and then did qvm-sync-appmenus debian-10.

And then shutdown the debian-10 template.

Then from dmenu prompt, selected my personal: st program to start.

And now it doesn’t spawn a gnome-terminal first. It now spawns just the suckless terminal (st) which is what my expected behavior is.

Thanks for the help.

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