How to restart sdwdate on a single qube?

Hallo, dear friends! Long time no see! As you probably know, sometimes happens that sdwdate doesn’t start on single qube or it first starts then shuts down by itself (or at least it happens to me). Sooo… Is there a way to start it manually on a single qube when it shuts down or not starts? In such cases I have to restart qube again every time when it happens.

You can do this using sdwdate systray icon.

To be more precise? It has pop-up menu for each started qube and there is button “restart sdwdate” but when sdwdate did not start on single qube or shut down there is no menu for that qube. There is only option to restart entire sdwdate for all qubes. It’s more convenient to manually start/restart it on single qube instead of restarting it for all started qubes when it works well on all other qubes.

Personally I didn’t encounter such a case where sdwdate failed to start in some qube and this qube is not being listed in the tray.
I think it’s better to report it on Qubes-Whonix forum:

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