How to remove a new kernel installation?


I updated my kernel from 5.10.x to 5.16.x and that broke my system. I figured out how to boot from the previous kernel and now i want to remove the new kernel installation (5.16.x) and keep the previous (5.10.x). But i have no idea how to do that. Could someone of you explain it to me?

sudo dnf remove kernel-latest ? I assume you are talking about a dom0 kernel-latest, though I have never done this before - removing a kernel manually.

What you want may not be removing the kernel but rather set the old kernel to be default for grub. Try finding grub documentations.

I can’t answer, but this looks like a non-Qubes-specific question. You could try looking how do this with Fedora and/or ask on Fedora forums – because dom0 runs Fedora.

make sure you use 5.10 you can confirm by running uname -a then examine your installed kernel.
rpm -qa kernel\* | sort -V

but you already provide kernel version so.
dnf remove kernel-latest-5.16*

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It worked! Thanks!

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