How to organize qubes

How to Organize Qubes OS:

Problem: Lack of Clarity in Instructions.

Example: Alice.

Issue: Setting up Split GPG.

It would be helpful if the page explaining “Split GPG” had more visual explanations and links to additional resources.


Provide links to resources explaining GPG and how to create GPG keys (GPG2).
In the Vault VM, users can create GPG master keys and subkeys.
Then, users can copy these subkeys to appropriate VMs.


Option I: Offer basic layout templates upon installation or provide an automatic layout generation feature.
Option II: Include one or two additional layouts with step-by-step guides.

P.S. I transitioned directly from Windows 10 to Qubes OS.

Some links (helpful to have them all togeather) :

forum__qubes-os__org/docs?topic=19076 (replace __ by . )

This of any interest:

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Thank you, this would be very helpful.

Additional point, Split GPG is possible directly from main GUI settings (I did find this like 10 min ago)* .

Thank you for your help @catacoms


Thanks be to unmans work.

There is an ongoing discussion about a better fix for first time users of Qubes.

Uh. Where you asking for a how to for GPG?

Or maybe some other tutorial on Security? Which, I know, sometimes seems assumed with some Linux forums. Someone could point out the better instructions on security with linux. If you describe what you want, need.

Whonix website has a lot of documentation.
As does the Tails OS website.

I found an local Qubes community, so I asked there.