How to open ports in sys-firewall?

I am running a program that gets blocked by sys-firewall. I switched my qube to connect to sys-net and was able to run it just fine so I determined I need to open a port in my sys-firewall for it to function while still using sys-firewall as netVM.

How can I open ports in sys-firewall?

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Have you tried modifying the iptables?
Run in Terminal—> sudo iptables -L

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You can achieve that by going to the settings of the firewall qube.

You should read the firewall documentation

You have not said if the program needs open ports inbound or outbound.
By default qubes are allowed full access outbound,and no ports are open
for inbound traffic.

There should be no difference between attaching to sys-net and

What is the program?
What ports do you need open ,inbound and outbound?

The documentation is full.

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