How to open files you've copied to a disposable qube

I’m trying to copy a screenshot from dom0 to a disposable whonix ws qube so i can post it on the forum.

Open it where? In disposable where you’ve copied it? Open it using what program?
What problem did you encounter? This one?

You might have to boot the dispVM first manually

Yes, the disposable I’ve copied it to. I’m trying to view the folder it’s in using thunar so i can open it with Ristretto.

I guess where I’m getting caught up is in the random IDs whonix assigns to DispVMs. I’m not sure how to open a particular DispVM random ID.

Do a screenshot, save it to disk.
Open tor browser as disposable vm, wait for browser to popup (dont close it, as it shuts down the dispvm).
In dom0 terminal use qvm-copy-to-vm dispXXXX /home/YOURUSERNAME/Screenshot-xxx-file.png (take the dispXXXX from the title of your torbrowser window).
On success the file is in your dispvm in /home/user/QubesIncoming/dom0/Screenshot-xxx-file.png. Open a file manager from your Qubes Icon in tray → dispXXXX → file manager

There might be an easier way to do this though.

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Thanks, this is good.

Johnboy’s solution is good, but an IMO easier one (quoting myself from another thread):

sleep 2 && file=$(xfce4-screenshooter -f -o echo) && qvm-copy-to-vm $DVM "$file" && qvm-run $DVM -- ristretto "QubesIncoming/dom0/$(basename $file)" &

First start a new target VM and define the variable DVM according to its name (execute in a dom0 terminal)…then run the second command, which will will take the screenshot after two seconds, send it to the disposable and there automatically open the file in ristretto.

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