How to move applets?

Is there anyway (in xfce) to move specific applets from the notification area and lock them to a specific workspace?

This post shows draggable applets in KDE.

I would like this as I have many VPN qubes and specific networking qubes with different routes, and there’s alot of applets in the notification area.

What I want to do is have one workspace where I fix those applets to so I can simply switch to that workspace to monitor all my network connections - instead of having it in the notification area.

I can’t get the applet gui to launch separately which is very annoying.

I also don’t know how to pin a specific applet or app to a workspace. I don’t know if this is possible in xfce. I’ve found xfce to not be very customisable, the custom launchers are a pain to configure, and the searchable menu plugin doesn’t allow creation of categories i.e: disposable, as I’ve seen on KDE…

This seems not directly related to Qubes. You will probably get better replies on an xfce forum.