How to manually setup default qubes configuration after clicking don't install anything since installer is broken for me

Originally the system was freezing at “executing qubes configuration”, so it was suggested I start unclicking boxes in the install wizard. I got to the point where unchecking all boxes except for templates will install qubes and get me a desktop.

I don’t have the skills to troubleshoot the installer. But since I got a desktop I want to know how to manually do these configurations after clicking “don’t configure anything” and securely if possible. Especially since default template Fedora 34 is no longer supported, I’d like to start clean from Fedora 35.

The goal is the entire suggested qubes configuration such as default disp-vm, sys-net, sys-firewall, and pre-created templates like work, vault, personal, etc. Including the new 4.1 usb, firewall, and net disposables.

Initially I started mirroring my pre-configured 4.0 session. But as soon as I tried turning on the newly created sys-usb domain in 4.1 I receive the following error:

Start failed: internal error: Unable to reset PCI device 0000:00:14:0: no FLR, PM reset or bus reset available

I assume it couldn’t capture the PCI device while logged in and so I restarted, but still get the same error.

So now since I can’t even get USB installed I’m assuming it’s going to be a disaster from here forward and am asking the community if there’s a script or manual or guide I’m missing?

Or an easy way to troubleshoot the installer for a n00b like me?

Thank you.