How to make other templates

I have finished installing QubesOS and would like to install another OS as soon as possible. But I don’t know how to do it. Can you tell me how to do it?
I want to install Windows, macOS, and other linux distros.

Hi! First of all, welcome! (and sorry for the wrong automated post flag!)

You can do that for most distros, that’s not really the way to use Qubes, I’d say. People come into Qubes thinking they’re going to run everything, but it’s not as simple. The default templates (fedora & debian) will get you started with most stuff. There are other available (gentoo, arch, kali, etc.). Essentially anything that is not made for Qubes OS will run more slowly, without seamless mode (you’ll literally see the whole OS desktop in a window), and won’t have many other conveniences:

  • file sharing
  • clipboard sharing

So I suggest you start with the basics and then, once you have a good grasp of the system, start exploring other templates. Otherwise you’re in for a terrible experience on Qubes.

So creating my own templates form scratch is going to be difficult. More fun! :smiley:

But didn’t Qubes had some packages that are just for compatibility?
Like, when I was creating a template based off debian-minimal I was required to install a few extra things.

I eventually wanted to create a custom Alpine template (I know that an unofficial one exists.) but the docs about creating your own templates are really vague. Is anyone aware of a good guide or something like that?

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I find the docs overly specific in this case.

you probably want to start here: