How to make mullvad net vm assign a different ip on each qube start up?

So that say i have qube already running using the vpn, when i start a new qube it doesn’t have same ip, make it assign a new ip on each qube restart

I don’t really understand if you are talking about the qube private IP or the external IP provided by the VPN itself. If you are talking about the VPN, then rotate the server(s) in your configuration file?

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I figured that changing the mac address on startup of mullvad qube would do the trick, but it applies the change in static to current connected qubes, not dynamic change as in asign a different mac address to every single running qube

So my vpn qube is running
I have for example personal qube running already connected to the vpn qube
I want this, if i start a different qube that’s connected to the vpn too, it should have a different ip without me having to renew connection as in restart mullvad vpn it self which means it’ll be the same thing, new ip but applied to both existing or new qubes

You can’t do this because you connect to a single server in your VPN qube and you can’t change it without changing it for each qube. It depends on what you are doing and if it supports proxies, but if you are using Wireguard, you can use the SOCKS5 proxy that each server has to have a different exit point per qube.

I’m using open vpn, yes by default each qube has different ip, but not different vpn ip, that’s an issue

You can still create another VPN qube if you really want to separate your traffic patterns.

Dhcp config can do that to get a dynamic ip from the vpn per qube

I don’t see how DHCP can help in your situation. An OpenVPN configuration file have multiple servers, but it connects to 1 at a time. The internal IP assignment is done by the VPN server itself.

It seems you mix the local IP address assigned to your qube, and the public IP address of the VPN exit node.

The local qube IP aren’t useful as they are internal and not seen by external network equipments.

What do you suggest doing here? Would need a script inside mullvad vpm to detect ips assigned by qubes os as a condition to asign a new vpn ip ? Possible?

If you want n qubes to have n different exit IP through the VPN, you need n sys-vpn, and assign each vpn qube to each qube.

This is what I’m doing with my VPN qubes, I have the following VPNs:

  • sys-vpn-app-ivpn-1
  • sys-vpn-app-ivpn-2
  • sys-vpn-app-ivpn-3

They are connected to different VPN servers, which give different exit IP.