How to make a Windows HVM Fullscreen (no QWT)?

I need to run an anti cheat program called “Safe Exam Browser” for school.
The program originally detects VM’s but our teacher allowed us to run it in a vm.

The problem is: It doesn’t look all too good, if I am sitting in a test and only half of the screen is covered by the browser window…

So, how do I make the windows hvm fullscreen without installing the potentially compromised QWT’s? (Dirty tricks allowed)


You can change the Windows display resolution without QWT.
Set it to be the same as your display resolution in dom0 and you’ll be able to change your HVM window to fullscreen.

How do I set the display resolution of the windows vm to the same as dom0?

In dom0 open Q → gear icon → System Settings → Display
Find out your dom0 display resolution.
In Windows 10 riight mouse click on the desktop → Display settings → Display resolution
Set the value to be the same as in dom0.

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Aah, thanks will try!

Oh no, updates are being forced upon me, I will mark your response as solution, as soon as it works! Thanks again!

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