How to make a template of any linux OS?

I wondering if their is any way to make a template of an OS I want? I want a Slackware template (and others) but I don’t see a way to do that easy nor do I see them in the repos (That includes the community repos). It their a way to just download the iso and convert it into a template, or something equivalently easy?

Thanks for the help in advance.

You mean a standalone qube of any OS…??
Thats simple:

  • download an iso of the OS you want to have a qube from
  • create a new standalone qube in qubes manager (type=standalone / template=none)
  • after it is in the qubes list, right click and go settings
  • under advanced use max memory=2048, 4096 or 8184 (or higher)
  • in settings go advanced > boot from CD-ROM
  • choose the qube where the iso is saved and choose the iso > OK > OK
  • install process will start as it’s known from other machines

And after that, you can flag it as a template (normal or DVM like any other template i think)


I think you have to set Class TemplateVM when creating.
Can you use a standalone as a disposable template? Doesn’t work for me.

On the other hand, if you create a TemplateVM, and install from iso on
to /dev/xvda, then every qube you create using that template will be
effectively a named disposable.

If you want to create a “normal” template, then you have to build qubes
packages for that OS/distro. Take a look here

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