How to install Tor Browser?

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I’m in a place where Tor is blocked, so one needs to use bridges. Whonix, most of the time, connects to Tor with bridges. However, it cannot “find any running bridges”. That happens rarely, but when occurs I know it is not true. I myself provide bridges, but again it
would not connect. I think there is a problem, but I don’t know what it is.

I need to know how to install Tor Browser on Fedora or Debian. I installed it on a template as shown on its website, but I couldn’t figure out how to register as an app. In template, I can start it via Terminal “./start-tor-browser.desktop”. It apparently does not recognize Tor as an app. Can someone show me a way? How do I start it on an AppVM?


did you install the qubes whonix template while installing qubes?
if yes, you can go to: sys-whonix in menu > anon connection wizard > configure tor > checkbox the “I need Tor bridges to bypass the Tor censorship” > select a built in bridge (obfs4 or if it doesnt work then meek-azure ) > click next and enter a proxy if you want to use one > click next again and review your selected options and then you will be connected
the you can use tor browser by opening tor browser in a appVM based on the whonix-ws-15 template
if you didnt add qubes whonix earlier, you can find instructions to do so here: HowTo: Install the Stable Version of Qubes-Whonix ™ 15

Sure I did. As I mentioned, I use Whonix with bridges. Once in a while, even though there are bridges, it wouldn’t connect. No matter what I try. So, it’s fine. I just need to use Tor Browser without Whonix, which is downloaded from the website, when it occurs. I couldn’t find a way to install it to an AppVM.

I can use it in the template though. But, well, it isn’t encourged to assign a network connection to templates.

OP specifically referred to using Whonix in their post, and detailed
what their problem is.

If you want to install Tor Browser, you do it just the way you would
ordinarily do it.
Download the TBB in a qube, and unpack it.

Then create a launcher menu item if you wish - the method will vary
depending on if you use Xfce, KDE or other.
Take a look at

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my bad, I assumed op was talking about non qubes whonix when he said whonix

this might be helpful:

you can get a bridge from here:

Whonix, most of the time, connects to Tor with bridges

I myself provide bridges, but again it

They already use bridges. Their question is how they can add Tor Browser to the Applications list (if I am reading correctly).

That is right

I managed to install it; it turns out one needs to unpack compressed file into both a Template and its AppVM. It works for Tor Browser, at least. Thanks to everyone who replied.

I’m sorry I misunderstood I’m using google translate for english
from what I can understand, the problem for adding menu shortcut arises because of being unable to connect to bridges. I tried to answer that root cause by telling how to connect to bridges when the

problem happens

conneccting to tor from appVM routes tor through sys-net and doesn’t porvide extra protections like whonix
but since you found you solution, its okay
I just wanted to help :slight_smile:

I thank you for your answers; you have been most kind. You understood correctly: I wanted to use Tor Browser in an AppVM in case of Whonix not connecting.

I have no idea why such a problem occurs, but that does not change the fact that I cannot use anon-whonix when happens. So, I needed to install Tor Browser.

If you unpack it in /etc/skel then every new qube created using that
template will have it in /home/user

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