How to install QubesOS in external USB?

I am a window user and want to slowly move toward QubesOS as it provides so much control. I want to keep a lot of stuff in my hard drive so its full and I can’t create a separate drive for QubesOS. I bought 1TB USB drive with descent transfer speed ~150MB/s. I want to install QubesOS into it and boot from it whenever I want.
The only thing I can download is Image disk that I can burn into USB. I don’t have secondary USB to install like this.
Second I also want it to be portable i.e boot it from different laptops because I have multiple of them. So I can run QubesOS on any of them. Will it impact the functionality of OS?
Lastly will there be some hardware issues with this approach. i.e If USB disconnect how much harm can it cause to my OS or data in OS?

Hi @ZdsAlpha, welcome to the Community! I’m glad you are interested in Qubes OS.

You should be able to install Qubes from a USB stick to a USB disk just fine. Just choose the right installation target in the installer (or physically remove your original disk for safety). However it will be quite slow as it’s very demanding to the resources. For testing, it should be good enough.

It should work, but devices added to the virtual machines are different from device to device, so VMs may fail to start until you deattach old, wrong devices from previous boot on a different hardware.

If your disk disconnects while running, it may cause data loss on it, although usually it doesn’t happen.