How to install `qubes-yubikey-dom0`

In the docs for Yubikey login authentication setup it says to execute sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-yubikey-dom0, but this returns “Error: Unable to find a match: qubes-yubikey-dom0” for me…do I need to first install qubes-repo-contrib? Or is this a bug (package has been removed but doc not updated)? Or do I need to enable a different repo? If so, which one?

The version of Qubes OS that you use is likely to be relevant information. (I suppose the docs may have been written for say R4.1 and be missing an update for R4.2, or so…)

Right, it’s 4.2; I haven’t tried to install this package on 4.1.

Edit: I solved it by disabling the security testing repo…