How to install Qubes in a most secure way possible today without iso on USB

So… we are all talking for decades how bad USB is, yet

we are given with the details how to install Qubes from USB.

To be fair, earlier on the page, it is said that

Once the ISO has been verified as authentic, you should copy it onto the installation medium of your choice, such as a USB drive, dual-layer DVD, or Blu-ray disc.

But no modern laptop has corresponding drives… There are external, but again USB DVD drives…

So what are we left with…?

The only thing I can think of is to keep my old laptop with DVD drive, to download and burn ISO there, to put SSD from new laptop into old one, to install Qubes there, to bring back SSD to new laptop, to boot, to remove “Unknown” devices and assign new devices to corresponding qubes…

But, what with NVMe while SATA SSD will become deprecated obviously? To buy cheapest desktop for this purpose only?
Is this even a matter of concern?

Any thoughts or ideas…?