How to install new keyboard layout that is not available in the list

I want to add Pashto keyboard layout in my Qubes OS and its not available in standard keyboard layouts.

I have .kmp file for the layout but don’t know where to put it to make it work

Can anyone tell me how to do that?

Doesn’t the XFCE’s default Pashto layout keyboard work? You could add it from:

Qubes Appmenu => Settings => System Settings => Keyboard

Layout Tab => Uncheck Use System Default => + Add => Dari => Pashto

Also do not forget to add another English Layout.

Thanks alot.
I didn’t know that pashto layout is under Dari

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One more thing. or should I make a new post for this?

is there any Keyboard layout map for Qubes keyboard layouts that can show me which key is where?

It is OK. As it is completely related to the previous question.

I believe gkbd-keyboard-display is installed by default in dom0. Try this (assuming Pashto is your 2nd keyboard layout, otherwise change 2)

gkbd-keyboard-display -g 2